Watch science come alive with this amazing interactive website created especially for your book. It’s bursting with things to explore and do! Fantastic video clips and interactive animations will take you inside plants, around the human body, deep below Earth’s surface, and into the depths of space for an even closer look at science in action!

You can apply what you have learned in the book, and see even more by investigating key scientific processes in further detail.

Just pick the area of science you want to learn more about, and which type of item you want to try:

  • Apply It! – Investigate and research key scientific concepts, just like any real scientist
  • Art In Motion – Watch scientific processes come to life with fantastic animations
  • Interactive Art – Click on the diagrams to interact with scientific processes
  • Real-World Enquiry – See how science is used to help us in the real world
  • Untamed Science – Join the Untamed Science crew in these high-energy videos
  • Visual Analogy – Understand tricky scientific concepts by comparing them to everyday objects or scenarios

You'll find a huge variety of fun titles to choose from.

So click on the links, press play, and watch science spring into action!